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Picture1Release DateParkSub-ParkNumber In SeriesSeries NamePin NameTypeOriginal CostLow ValueHigh Value
11/18/00Tokyo  Pin Trader PinsOfficial Pin Trader PinLimited Edition 40.0060.00
1/1/01TokyoStores3PoohCircleGeneral Release 5.007.00
1/1/01TokyoStores2PoohSquareGeneral Release 5.007.00
1/1/01TokyoStores4PoohRainbowGeneral Release 5.007.00
1/1/01TokyoStoresSetPoohPoohGeneral Release 20.0028.00
1/1/01TokyoStores1PoohStarGeneral Release 5.007.00
 Tokyo  PoohPooh Piglet AngelsCharacter 28.0032.00
 Tokyo  ResortsAmbassador HotelGeneral Release 12.0016.00
5/10/01TokyoSEAS Resorts 2001We're Just Getting StartedCast Member 15.0017.00
5/10/01TokyoSEAS Resorts 2001We're Just Getting StartedCast Member 15.0017.00
 Tokyo 2RobotMinnieGeneral Release 11.0012.00
 Tokyo 3RobotDonaldGeneral Release 11.0012.00
 Tokyo 1RobotMickeyGeneral Release 11.0012.00
1/1/01TokyoStoresSetSnow WhiteSetGeneral Release 12.0018.00
1/1/01TokyoStoresSetSnow WhiteSetGeneral Release 12.0018.00
1/1/01TokyoStores3Snow WhiteRavenGeneral Release 24.0036.00
1/1/01TokyoStores1Snow WhiteMalificentGeneral Release 4.006.00
1/1/01TokyoStores2Snow WhiteEvil QueenGeneral Release 4.006.00
1/1/01TokyoStores2Snow WhiteCrownGeneral Release 4.006.00
1/1/01TokyoStores1Snow WhiteAppleGeneral Release 4.006.00
1/1/01TokyoStores3Snow WhiteChestGeneral Release 4.006.00
 Tokyo 3StitchDonaldGeneral Release 12.0014.00
 Tokyo 2StitchMinnieGeneral Release 12.0014.00
 Tokyo 1StitchMickeyGeneral Release 12.0014.00
 Tokyo 4StitchPoohGeneral Release 12.0014.00
1/1/01Tokyo 2Sweet Kiss 2001Plane CrazyLimited Edition 22.0024.00
1/1/01Tokyo 4Sweet Kiss 2001Brave Little TailorLimited Edition 22.0024.00
1/1/01Tokyo 1Sweet Kiss 2001Cinderella Limited Edition 22.0024.00
1/1/01Tokyo 3Sweet Kiss 2001Lady and TrampLimited Edition 22.0024.00
1/1/01Tokyo 5Sweet Kiss 2001Two Chips and a MissLimited Edition 22.0024.00
01/01/01TokyoDisney Stores4Theme ParksGoofyLimited Edition 24.0026.00
1/1/01TokyoStores3TinkerbellSittingGeneral Release 4.006.00
1/1/01TokyoStoresSetTinkerbellTinkerbellGeneral Release 16.0024.00
1/1/01TokyoStores3TinkerbellRectangleGeneral Release 4.006.00
1/1/01TokyoStores1TinkerbellHeadGeneral Release 4.006.00
1/1/01TokyoStores4TinkerbellStandingGeneral Release 4.006.00
1/1/01TokyoStores1TinkerbellKneelingGeneral Release 4.006.00
1/1/01TokyoStoresSetTinkerbellTinkerbellGeneral Release 12.0018.00
1/1/01TokyoStores2TinkerbellPeekingGeneral Release 4.006.00
1/1/01TokyoStores2TinkerbellRoundGeneral Release 4.006.00
/tdl15thpinset96.jpg01/01/98Tokyo  Tokyo 15th Anniversary15th AnniversaryLimited Edition 120.00140.00
 TokyoDisney Stores2Toy StoryBuzzCharacter 5.006.00
 Tokyo  Toy StoryToy StoryCharacter 24.0036.00
 TokyoDisney Stores4Toy StoryProspectorCharacter 8.0012.00
 TokyoDisney Stores3Toy StoryWoodyCharacter 5.006.00
8/18/01Tokyo  Toy StoryJessie on HorseshoeGeneral Release 7.009.00
 TokyoDisney Stores5Toy StoryBullseyeCharacter 5.006.00
 TokyoDisney Stores1Toy StoryJessieCharacter 5.006.00
 Tokyo 1Twenty-First CenturyMickeyGeneral Release 15.0022.00
 Tokyo 4Twenty-First CenturyPooh General Release 18.0022.00
 Tokyo 3Twenty-First CenturyDonaldGeneral Release 15.0022.00
1/1/01Tokyo  Valentine 2001MinnieLimited Edition 4.006.00
1/1/01TokyoDisney Stores4Works of ArtPlutoLimited Edition 24.0026.00

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You will be able to enter your own pins and manage a portfolio. Now you will know what your collection of pins is really worth. Scary, Huh?
Create a Pin Portfolio. Create "hunting" Checklists.Manage Now!!

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