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Picture1Release DateParkSub-ParkNumber In SeriesSeries NamePin NameTypeOriginal CostLow ValueHigh Value
 Tokyo  DalmationsDalmationsCharacter 15.0021.00
1/1/01TokyoStores2Dalmations - Set OneCruellaGeneral Release 4.006.00
1/1/01TokyoStores1Dalmations - Set OnePuppyGeneral Release 4.006.00
1/1/01TokyoStores3Dalmations - Set OnePuppyGeneral Release 4.006.00
1/1/01TokyoStoresSetDalmations - Set OneCruella and Dalmatian PupsGeneral Release 12.0018.00
1/1/01TokyoStores2Dalmations - Set TwoPuppyGeneral Release 4.006.00
1/1/01TokyoStoresSetDalmations - Set TwoDalmationsGeneral Release 16.0024.00
1/1/01TokyoStores4Dalmations - Set TwoPuppyGeneral Release 4.006.00
1/1/01TokyoStores3Dalmations - Set TwoPuppyGeneral Release 4.006.00
1/1/01TokyoStores1Dalmations - Set TwoPuppyGeneral Release 4.006.00
4/27/01Tokyo 4Disney 100th Year 2001ClassicsLimited Edition 20.0022.00
4/27/01Tokyo 6Disney 100th Year 2001Theme ParksLimited Edition 20.0022.00
4/27/01Tokyo 3Disney 100th Year 2001Pooh and FriendsLimited Edition 20.0022.00
4/27/01Tokyo 2Disney 100th Year 2001PrincessesLimited Edition 20.0022.00
4/27/01Tokyo 5Disney 100th Year 2001Mickey In ItalyLimited Edition 20.0022.00
4/27/01Tokyo 1Disney 100th Year 2001 - VilliansEvil QueenLimited Edition 20.0022.00
7/22/01Tokyo 3Disney 100th Year 2001 - VilliansUrsalaLimited Edition 22.0028.00
7/22/01Tokyo 2Disney on ParadeMinnieLimited Edition 9.0011.00
7/22/01Tokyo 3Disney On ParadeDonaldLimited Edition 9.0011.00
7/22/01Tokyo 1Disney On ParadeMickeyLimited Edition 9.0010.00
7/20/01Tokyo Disney Resort LineResort Line Monorail GoldGeneral Release600 Yen7.009.00
7/20/01Tokyo  Disney Resort Line 2001Resort Line Monorail SetGeneral Release2500 Yen20.0025.00
7/20/01Tokyo  Disney Resort Line 2001Purple MonorailGeneral Release2500 Yen20.0025.00
7/20/01Tokyo  Disney Resort Line 2001Yellow MonorailGeneral Release2500 Yen20.0025.00
7/20/01Tokyo Disney Resort Line 2001Mickey Resort LineGeneral Release600 Yen6.008.00
7/20/01Tokyo  Disney Resort Line 2001Green MonorailGeneral Release2500 Yen20.0025.00
7/20/01Tokyo  Disney Resort Line 2001Blue MonorailGeneral Release2500 Yen20.0025.00
7/20/01Tokyo  Disney Resort Line 2001Red MonorailGeneral Release2500 Yen20.0025.00
7/21/01TokyoStores Disney StoreSummer Fantasy 2001Limited Edition0.006.008.00
1/1/01Tokyo  DreamLights ParadeDreamLights Parade LogoLimited Edition 14.0015.50
6/1/01Tokyo 2DreamLights ParadeCheshire CatLimited Edition 10.0011.00
6/1/01Tokyo 5DreamLights ParadeSnailLimited Edition 10.0011.00
1/1/01Tokyo  DreamLights ParadeDreamLights Parade LogoLimited Edition 18.0020.50
6/1/01Tokyo 4DreamLights ParadeFairyLimited Edition 10.0011.00
6/1/01Tokyo 3DreamLights ParadeElliot DragonLimited Edition 10.0011.00
6/1/01Tokyo 6DreamLights ParadeGlowormLimited Edition 10.0011.00
1/1/01Tokyo  DreamLights ParadeDreamLights Parade LogoLimited Edition 14.0015.50
6/1/01Tokyo  DreamLights ParadeDreamLights Parade SetLimited Edition 50.0066.00
6/1/01Tokyo 1DreamLights ParadeDreamLights Parade Set LogoLimited Edition 10.0011.00
1/1/01TokyoStoresSetDumboSetGeneral Release 16.0024.00
1/1/01TokyoStores1DumboDumboGeneral Release 4.006.00
 Tokyo 3DumboDumboCharacter 6.008.00
1/1/01TokyoStores3DumboDumboGeneral Release 4.006.00
 Tokyo  DumboDumboCharacter 18.0024.00
1/1/01TokyoStores4DumboTimothy MouseGeneral Release 4.006.00
 Tokyo 1DumboDumboCharacter 6.008.00
 Tokyo 2DumboDumboCharacter 6.008.00
1/1/01TokyoStores2DumboDumboGeneral Release 4.006.00
 Tokyo 1EthnicMickeyGeneral Release 7.009.00
 Tokyo 2EthnicMinnieGeneral Release 7.009.00
 Tokyo  General ReleaseTVGeneral Release 12.0015.00
 Tokyo  General ReleaseMickey SorcererGeneral Release 12.0014.00
 Tokyo  General ReleaseMinnie GirlGeneral Release 14.0018.00
05/01/01Tokyo  General Release 2001FriendsCharacter 12.0013.50
5/20/01Tokyo  HokkiadoMickey and MinnieCharacter 9.0010.50
01/01/01Tokyo  HokkiadoNa Ga NoCharacter 8.509.00
1/1/01Tokyo  HokkiadoMickeyCharacter 8.509.00
 Tokyo 2KabukiMinnieGeneral Release 7.0011.00
 Tokyo 1KabukiMickeyGeneral Release 7.0011.00
 Tokyo 3KabukiDonaldGeneral Release 7.0011.00
6/1/01Tokyo  LawsonDisney On Ice CentenivalLimited Edition 8.009.00
1/1/01Tokyo  LawsonDisney on IceOperating Participant 8.0011.00
12/31/00Tokyo  Limited EditionFramed 2001 PinLimited Edition 45.0060.00
1/1/01TokyoStores2Little MermaidArielGeneral Release 4.006.00
1/1/01TokyoStoresSetLittle MermaidUrsala EelsGeneral Release 12.0018.00
1/1/01TokyoStores1Little MermaidArielGeneral Release 4.006.00
1/1/01TokyoStores1Little MermaidUrsala General Release 4.006.00
1/1/01TokyoStores3Little MermaidFlounderGeneral Release 4.006.00
1/1/01TokyoStoresSetLittle MermaidSetGeneral Release 16.0024.00
1/1/01TokyoStores3Little MermaidEel RightGeneral Release 4.006.00
1/1/01TokyoStores2Little MermaidEel LeftGeneral Release 4.006.00
 Tokyo  MickeyMickey Plane CrazyCharacter 16.0020.00
 Tokyo  MickeyMickey Through YearsCharacter 20.0025.00
12/31/00Tokyo  New Year 2001MickeyLimited Edition 15.0017.00
07/21/01TokyoStores2Nightmare Before ChristmasZeroGeneral Release500 Yen6.008.00
07/21/01TokyoStores1Nightmare Before ChristmasJackGeneral Release500 Yen6.008.00
5/25/01Tokyo 1OkinawaMinnieCharacter 8.509.00
5/25/01Tokyo 2OkinawaMickeyCharacter 12.0015.00
7/22/01Tokyo 2Once Upon A MouseMinnieLimited Edition 9.0011.00
7/22/01Tokyo 1Once Upon a MouseMickeyLimited Edition 9.0011.00
 Tokyo 1Party ExpressMickeyGeneral Release 12.0017.00
1/1/01Tokyo  Party ExpressMickey and DonaldLimited Edition 4.006.00
 Tokyo 4Peter PanJohnCharacter 6.008.00
 Tokyo 2Peter PanTinkerbellCharacter 7.008.00
 Tokyo 1Peter PanTinkerbellCharacter 6.008.00
 Tokyo 1Peter PanPeter PanCharacter 6.008.00
 Tokyo  Peter PanTinkerbellCharacter 20.0032.00
 Tokyo 3Peter PanMichaelCharacter 6.008.00
 TokyoDisney Stores4Peter PanTinkerbellCharacter 6.008.00
 Tokyo 2Peter PanTinkerbellCharacter 6.008.00
 Tokyo 5Peter PanWendyCharacter 6.008.00
 Tokyo  Peter PanPeter PanCharacter 30.0048.00
 Tokyo 3Peter Pan TinkerbellCharacter 6.008.00
1/1/01TokyoStores1PinocchioPinocchioGeneral Release 4.006.00
1/1/01TokyoStores3PinocchioCleoGeneral Release 4.006.00
1/1/01TokyoStores4PinocchioFigaroGeneral Release 4.006.00
1/1/01TokyoStoresSetPinocchioSetGeneral Release 16.0020.00
1/1/01TokyoStores2PinocchioJiminy CricketGeneral Release 4.006.00
 Tokyo SetPin SetKabuki SetGeneral Release 21.0033.00
11/18/00Tokyo 1Pin Trader PinsOfficial Guest Pin Trader PinLimited Edition 20.0035.00

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You will be able to enter your own pins and manage a portfolio. Now you will know what your collection of pins is really worth. Scary, Huh?
Create a Pin Portfolio. Create "hunting" Checklists.Manage Now!!

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