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Picture1Release DateParkSub-ParkNumber In SeriesSeries NamePin NameTypeOriginal CostLow ValueHigh Value
1/1/99ParticipantsMGM12Star WarsEpisode I: LogoOperating Participant 7.009.00
1/1/99ParticipantsMGM4Star WarsQueen AmidalaOperating Participant 7.009.00
1/1/99ParticipantsMGM1Star WarsAnakin SkywalkerOperating Participant 7.009.00
1/1/99ParticipantsMGM5Star WarsJar Jar BinksOperating Participant 7.009.00
05/16/01WDWMGM1100 Years of MagicWalt Disney's LetterheadLimited Edition8.5016.0018.00
06/15/01WDWMGM Atlantis The Lost EmpireAtlantisLimited Edition8.5014.0018.00
 WDWMGM AttractionsMuppet 3DGeneral Release6.506.508.00
 WDWMGM Cast AppreciationCast Appreciation Day 2000Cast Member00.0012.0015.00
02/22/01WDWMGM Disney MGM StudiosRosie O'DonnellLimited Edition0.0028.0036.00
 WDWMGM Disney MGM StudiosMickey StudiosGeneral Release 9.0012.00
 WDWMGM Disney MGM StudiosWalt Disney StudiosGeneral Release 8.0012.00
1/1/97WDWMGM Disney-MGM Studios General ReleaseMickey ClapboardGeneral Release6.006.009.00
1/1/97WDWMGM Disney-MGM Studios General ReleaseEarffel TowerGeneral Release6.006.009.00
1/1/97WDWMGM Disney-MGM Studios General ReleaseTower of Terror B MovieGeneral Release6.006.009.00
1/1/91WDWMGM Disney-MGM Studios General ReleaseStar ToursGeneral Release6.006.009.00
1/1/97WDWMGM Disney-MGM Studios General ReleaseTower of Terror Falling MickeyGeneral Release6.006.009.00
1/1/99WDWMGM Disney-MGM Studios General ReleaseIndiana Jones Epic Stunt SpectacularGeneral Release6.006.009.00
1/1/97WDWMGM Disney-MGM Studios General ReleaseMickey Mouse Rock 'n Roller CoasterGeneral Release6.006.009.00
1/1/99WDWMGM Disney-MGM Studios General ReleaseGreat Movie Ride PinGeneral Release6.006.009.00
1/1/99WDWMGM FantasmicFantasmic GlowGeneral Release 9.0010.00
09/01/01WDWMGM1Labor Day 2001VilliansLimited Edition10.5016.0019.00
1/1/00WDWMGM Logo 2000On With The ShowGeneral Release6.508.009.00
09/01/01WDWMGM2Mickey's Trade Parade Float 2001Minnie Band LeaderLimited Edition8.5012.5014.00
09/01/01WDWMGM1Mickey's Trade Parade Float 2001Mickey and GoofyLimited Edition8.5012.5014.00
01/00/00WDWMGM3My First PinGoofyLimited Edition0.0025.0040.00
5/16/01WDWMGM Pin Celebration 2001Disney-MGM Event Dangle 10.5012.5016.00
5/16/01WDWMGM Pin Celebration 2001Press Pass 0.0014.0016.00
5/16/01WDWMGM2Pin Celebration 2001Indy Last Crusade 6.506.508.00
5/16/01WDWMGMSetPin Celebration 2001Indy Poster Set 26.0026.0032.00
5/16/01WDWMGM1Pin Celebration 2001Indy Epic 6.506.508.00
5/16/01WDWMGM Pin Celebration 2001Sid Cahuengas 8.5010.5012.00
5/16/01WDWMGM Pin Celebration 2001Oddball 6.506.508.00
5/16/01WDWMGM4Pin Celebration 2001Indy Temple of Doom 6.506.508.00
5/16/01WDWMGM Pin Celebration 2001Disney-MGM Studios Event Set 0.00125.00165.00
5/16/01WDWMGM Pin Celebration 2001Minnie Girl 6.506.508.00
5/16/01WDWMGM Pin Celebration 2001Mickey Computer 6.506.508.00
5/16/01WDWMGM3Pin Celebration 2001Dinosaur Gertie'sLimited Edition8.5022.0028.00
5/16/01WDWMGM Pin Celebration 2001Mickey Surfer 6.506.508.00
5/16/01WDWMGM Pin Celebration 2001Croc and Capt Hook 6.506.508.00
5/16/01WDWMGM Pin Celebration 2001Minnie BallerinaGeneral Release6.506.508.00
5/16/01WDWMGM3Pin Celebration 2001Indy Raiders 6.506.508.00
05/14/04WDWMGM Star WarsJumbo Jedi MickeyLimited Edition35.0035.0050.00
 05/14/04WDWMGM Star Wars Limited Edidtion Pins Frame SetLimited Edition225.00225.00225.00
05/14/04WDWMGMLogoStar WarsLogo PinLimited Edition10.5015.0018.00
05/14/04WDWMGM Star Wars Droid Box SetLimited Edition125.00125.00125.00
06/04/04WDWMGM4Star Wars - Episode IAnakinLimited Edition10.5012.5015.00
06/04/04WDWMGM4Star Wars - Episode IDarth MaulLimited Edition10.5012.5015.00
06/11/04WDWMGM5Star Wars - Episode IIAnakinLimited Edition10.5012.5015.00
06/11/04WDWMGM5Star Wars - Episode IIYodaLimited Edition10.5012.5015.00
05/14/04WDWMGM Star Wars - Episode IVDarth Vader and Obi-Wan KenobiLimited Edition10.5012.5015.00
05/21/04WDWMGM2Star Wars - Episode VLuke Skywalker and YodaLimited Edition10.5012.5015.00
05/21/04WDWMGM Star Wars - Episode VDarth VaderLimited Edition10.5012.5015.00
05/28/04WDWMGM3Star Wars - Episode VILuke Skywalker and Darth VaderLimited Edition10.5012.5015.00
05/28/04WDWMGM3Star Wars - Episode VIEmperor PalpatineLimited Edition10.5012.5015.00
05/01/00WDWMGM3Star Wars WeekendsBoba FettLimited Edition8.009.0015.00
09/01/01WDWMGM1Summer 2001Donald and GoofyLimited Edition8.5014.0017.00
03/16/02WDWMGM Walt With - Disney-MGM Studios Pin EventWalt With Mickey DirectorLimited Edition00.0012.0015.00
09/01/01WDWMGM1Wanna Trade? 2001Old HagLimited Edition8.5016.0018.00

Coming soon to
You will be able to enter your own pins and manage a portfolio. Now you will know what your collection of pins is really worth. Scary, Huh?
Create a Pin Portfolio. Create "hunting" Checklists.Manage Now!!

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