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Picture1Release DateParkSub-ParkNumber In SeriesSeries NamePin NameTypeOriginal CostLow ValueHigh Value
1/1/01DLDCA1Air ToursGolden GateGeneral Release6.008.0010.00
1/1/01DLDCA2Air ToursGrizzlyGeneral Release6.008.0010.00
02/08/01DLDCA AnimationPlutoLimited Edition 9.0011.00
02/08/01DLDCA AnimationMickeyLimited Edition 9.0011.00
02/08/01DLDCA AnimationMinnieLimited Edition 9.0011.00
01/01/01DLDCA Annual PassholderDCA Annual Passholder PreviewLimited Edition0.0015.0020.00
06/09/01DLDCA5Artist ChoiceMickey CampingLimited Edition12.0015.0018.00
04/15/01DLDCA3Artist ChoiceHollywood Pictures BacklotLimited Edition12.5025.0030.00
02/17/01DLDCA1Artist Choice 2001First StopLimited Edition12.0028.0032.00
03/10/01DLDCA2Artist Choice 2001Paradise PierLimited Edition 22.0026.50
05/00/01DLDCA5Artist Choice 2001Grizzly BearLimited Edition 22.0025.00
07/00/01DLDCA7Artist Choice 2001Jumpin' Jelly FishLimited Edition 22.0025.00
01/01/01DLDCA AttractionCalifornia Screamin'General Release 10.0012.00
02/08/00DLDCA4AttractionsParadise PierLimited Edition 11.0013.00
02/08/00DLDCA2AttractionsGolden GateLimited Edition 11.0013.00
05/05/01DLDCA Cinco de Mayo 2001Cinco de MayoLimited Edition 9.0011.00
1/1/01DLDCA DCASun Burst LogoGeneral Release6.009.0011.00
1/1/01DLDCA DCAFlower Oval LogoGeneral Release6.008.0010.00
01/01/01DLDCA DCAGoofyGeneral Release6.0010.0012.00
1/1/01DLDCA DCASurfboardGeneral Release6.008.009.00
1/1/01DLDCA DCACalifornia LogoGeneral Release6.007.009.00
1/1/01DLDCA DCAMickey EngineerGeneral Release6.009.0011.00
1/1/01DLDCA DCA Logo PinMonorail SliderGeneral Release 9.0012.00
01/01/01DLDCA DCA Logo PinSun BearLimited Edition 18.0020.00
01/11/01DLDCA Disney Auction ExclusiveDisneyland World of Disney Prototype Pin Prototype0.00345.00345.00
01/11/01DLDCA Disney Auction ExclusiveDisneyland World of Disney Grand Opening Pin Limited Edition0.00177.50177.50
01/01/01DLDCA Disneys California AdventureGround OpeningLimited Edition 70.0075.00
07/01/01DLDCA Disney's California Adventure2001Limited Edition 22.0025.00
11/30/00DLDCA Disney's California AdventureCalifornia License PlateGeneral Release 8.0011.00
07/02/01DLDCA Electric Light ParadeMickey and MinnieLimited Edition 11.0013.00
07/19/01DLDCA Electric Light ParadeMushroomLimited Edition8.5012.0014.00
 DLDCA Electric Light ParadeTurtleLimited Edition15.5018.0022.00
07/04/01DLDCA Electric Light ParadeAnnual Passholder TrainLimited Edition 18.0022.00
7/19/01DLDCA Electric Light ParadeDrawn To AnimationGeneral Release8.5014.0018.00
6/9/01DLDCA General ReleasePrincess SetCharacter45.5045.5055.00
2/8/01DLDCA General ReleaseEstablished 2001General Release0.0010.0012.00
09/21/07DLDCA Halloween - 2007Candy CornGeneral Release8.959.0011.00
06/01/01DLDCA Holiday 2001Fathers DayLimited Edition 10.0013.50
01/01/01DLDCA KawanzaFab 3Limited Edition8.509.0010.00
08/18/01DLDCA3Mickey's Top Secret MissionC - Mickey as James BondLimited Edition10.5015.0017.00
08/18/01DLDCA2Mickey's Top Secret MissionI - Mickey ParachutistLimited Edition10.5015.0017.00
08/18/01DLDCA5Mickey's Top Secret MissionE - Mickey SpyglassesLimited Edition10.5015.0017.00
08/18/01DLDCA4Mickey's Top Secret MissionK - Mickey Scuba DivingLimited Edition0.0015.0017.00
08/18/01DLDCA1Mickey's Top Secret MissionM - Mickey LogoLimited Edition10.5015.0017.00
08/18/01DLDCASetMickey's Top Secret MissionSecret Mission PacketLimited Edition9.9585.00105.00
08/18/01DLDCA6Mickey's Top Secret MissionY - Mickey Calling All AgentsLimited Edition0.0015.0017.00
08/18/01DLDCA7Mickey's Top Secret MissionEnd - Mickey LogoLimited Edition0.0015.0017.00
06/01/01DLDCA6Neverland MapCompassLimited Edition 7.008.00
6/9/01DLDCA Princess Box SetBirdCharacter 5.006.00
6/9/01DLDCA1Princess Box SetThe PrincessesCharacter 15.0016.00
6/9/01DLDCA Princess Box SetBird 1Character 5.006.00
6/9/01DLDCA Princess Box SetMirrorCharacter 5.006.00
6/9/01DLDCA Princess Box SetAppleCharacter 5.006.00
1/1/01DLDCASetPush Pin SetPush Pin SetGeneral Release10.0012.0018.00
1/1/01DLDCA1Push Pin SetGrizzly PeakGeneral Release 2.003.00
1/1/01DLDCA2Push Pin SetParadise PierGeneral Release 2.003.00
1/1/01DLDCA5Push Pin SetPacific WharfGeneral Release 2.003.00
01/01/01DLDCA6Push Pin SetBountiful Valley FarmsGeneral Release 2.003.00
1/1/01DLDCA4Push Pin SetHollywood Pictures BacklotGeneral Release 2.003.00
1/1/01DLDCA3Push Pin SetCFGeneral Release 2.003.00
01/01/01DLDCA Resorts 2001Grand Californian HotelResort 10.0012.00
6/9/01DLDCA Restaurant SignsFortune CookieGeneral Release8.5010.0011.00
 DLDCA Restaurant SignsSchmooziesGeneral Release 6.009.00
 DLDCA Restaurant SignsBrrr..Bank Ice CreamGeneral Release 6.009.00
 DLDCA Spring 2001Donald and DaisyLimited Edition 12.0014.00
01/01/01DLDCA St Patricks Day 2001Pluto St Patricks DayLimited Edition 17.0019.00
05/01/01DLDCA2Surf CoMinnie MouseLimited Edition6.509.0010.00
05/01/01DLDCA1Surf CoMickey MouseLimited Edition6.509.0010.00

Coming soon to
You will be able to enter your own pins and manage a portfolio. Now you will know what your collection of pins is really worth. Scary, Huh?
Create a Pin Portfolio. Create "hunting" Checklists.Manage Now!!

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