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Picture1Release DateParkSub-ParkNumber In SeriesSeries NamePin NameTypeOriginal CostLow ValueHigh Value
07/03/01WDWDAK34th of July 2001DonaldLimited Edition10.5022.0026.00
00/00/01WDWDAK Animal Kingdom LodgeAnimal Kingdom LodgeLimited Edition8.5026.0028.00
08/16/01WDWDAK DAK Cast Member 2001Sometimes Real Always FantasticCast Member0.0018.0021.00
01/01/99WDWDAK Disney's Animal KingdomAsia LogoGeneral Release6.006.009.00
01/01/99WDWDAK Disney's Animal KingdomAlioramusGeneral Release6.006.009.00
01/01/98WDWDAK Disney's Animal KingdomTree of LifeLimited Edition100.00140.00150.00
01/01/99WDWDAK Disney's Animal KingdomCarantaurusGeneral Release6.006.009.00
01/01/99WDWDAK Disney's Animal KingdomMickey PaleontologistGeneral Release6.006.009.00
01/01/99WDWDAK Disney's Animal KingdomDisney's Animal Kingdom Mickey LionGeneral Release6.006.009.00
01/01/99WDWDAK Disney's Animal KingdomStyracosaurusGeneral Release6.006.009.00
01/01/99WDWDAK Disney's Animal KingdomAsia Logo Yin YangGeneral Release6.006.009.00
01/01/99WDWDAK Disney's Animal KingdomDisney's Animal Kingdom LogoGeneral Release6.006.009.00
01/01/99WDWDAK Disney's Animal KingdomIguana DonGeneral Release6.006.009.00
01/01/99WDWDAK Disney's Animal KingdomKilimanjaro SafarisGeneral Release6.006.009.00
01/01/99WDWDAK Disney's Animal KingdomKali River RapidsGeneral Release6.006.009.00
09/11/07WDWDAK Disney's Animal Kingdom®Disney's Animal Kingdom Park - LogoGeneral Release8.959.0011.00
01/01/00WDWDAK1Disney's Animal Kingdom 2000LionCharacter6.507.009.00
01/01/00WDWDAK2Disney's Animal Kingdom 2000ElephantCharacter6.507.009.00
08/17/01WDWDAK Kilamanjaro Safari Harambe Wildlife ReserveLimited Edition10.5014.0015.00
01/01/99WDWDAK4KookyTigger KookyGeneral Release6.006.009.00
01/01/99WDWDAK3KookyPooh KookyGeneral Release6.006.009.00
01/01/99WDWDAK1KookyMickey KookyGeneral Release6.006.009.00
09/22/01WDWDAK7Mickey's Trade Parade Float 2001DonaldLimited Edition8.508.5012.50
09/22/01WDWDAK8Mickey's Trade Parade Float 2001GiantLimited Edition8.508.5012.50
01/00/00WDWDAK6My First PinPoohLimited Edition0.0040.0055.00
04/22/01WDWDAK2Pin Celebration 2001Dino-RamaLimited Edition8.5016.0022.00
04/22/01WDWDAK3Pin Celebration 2001Whimsical Giraffe 6.506.508.00
04/22/01WDWDAK4Pin Celebration 2001Whimsical Lion 6.506.508.00
04/22/01WDWDAK2Pin Celebration 2001Whimsical Elephant 6.506.508.00
04/22/01WDWDAK Pin Celebration 2001Disney's Animal Kingdom Event Map Set  105.00145.00
04/22/01WDWDAK3Pin Celebration 2001DAK Event Dangle 10.5014.0016.00
04/22/01WDWDAK2Pin Celebration 2001Giraffe 6.506.508.00
04/22/01WDWDAK3Pin Celebration 2001Lion 6.506.508.00
04/22/01WDWDAK5Pin Celebration 2001Grant's Zebra 6.506.508.00
04/22/01WDWDAK Pin Celebration 2001Artistry of the EarthLimited Edition12.5022.0029.00
04/22/01WDWDAK1Pin Celebration 2001African Elephant 6.506.508.00
04/22/01WDWDAK4Pin Celebration 2001Rhinoceros 6.506.508.00
04/22/01WDWDAK3Pin Celebration 2001Dak Event Award 0.0016.0018.00
04/22/01WDWDAK Pin Celebration 2001Pin StationGeneral Release6.508.5010.50
04/22/01WDWDAK Pin Celebration 2001Bamboo Mickey 10.5022.5035.00
12/31/00WDWDAK Pin Celebration 2001Safari VehicleGeneral Release6.506.508.50
04/22/01WDWDAK5Pin Celebration 2001Whimsical Rhino 6.506.508.00
06/01/01WDWDAK Pin Trader PinsPin ClubCast Member0.00175.00249.00
01/01/00WDWDAK Serengeti CaravanZebraGeneral Release6.508.009.00
04/14/02WDWDAK Walt With - Disney's Animal Kingdom Pin EventWalt With DinosaurLimited Edition00.0012.0015.00
09/22/01WDWDAK4Wanna Trade? 2001ArielLimited Edition8.508.5010.50

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You will be able to enter your own pins and manage a portfolio. Now you will know what your collection of pins is really worth. Scary, Huh?
Create a Pin Portfolio. Create "hunting" Checklists.Manage Now!!

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