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Series Name=Christmas
Picture1Release DateParkSub-ParkNumber In SeriesSeries NamePin NameTypeOriginal CostLow ValueHigh Value
 01/01/99  8Christmas 1999Hometown Holidays MinnieLimited Edition 20.0027.00
 01/01/99  6Christmas 1999Hometown Holidays GoofyLimited Edition 20.0027.00
 01/01/99  9Christmas 1999Hometown Holidays PlutoLimited Edition 20.0027.00
 01/01/99  7Christmas 1999Hometown Holidays MickeyLimited Edition 20.0027.00
01/01/99DL 2Christmas 1999Hometown Holidays TiggerLimited Edition 12.0015.00
01/01/99DL  Christmas 1999Happy HolidaysLimited Edition 13.0015.00
01/01/99DL 3Christmas 1999Hometown Holidays EeyoreLimited Edition 13.0015.00
01/01/99DL 1Christmas 1999Hometown Holidays PoohLimited Edition 18.0024.00
01/01/99DL 4Christmas 1999Hometown Holidays PigletLimited Edition 12.0015.00
12/01/00DL  Christmas 2000Goofy Chiristmas WreathGeneral Release 10.5012.00
12/01/00DL  Christmas 2000Happy Hanukkah Limited Edition 12.5014.00
12/01/00DL  Christmas 2000Merriest Place on EarthLimited Edition 15.0017.50
12/1/00DL  Christmas 2000Candlelight 2000Limited Edition 12.5016.00
12/1/00DL  Christmas 2000Candlelight 2000Limited Edition 12.5016.00
09/02/07DL  Halloween - Nightmare Before ChristmasJack Skellington - HeadshotGeneral Release6.957.009.00
09/02/07DL  Halloween - Nightmare Before ChristmasJeweled - Jack SkellingtonGeneral Release10.9511.0013.00
10/08/06DL 4Nightmare Before ChristmasJack Skellington with PumpkinsLimited Edition10.9512.0015.00
09/02/07DL  Nightmare Before ChristmasJeweled - ZeroGeneral Release10.9511.0013.00
09/21/07DL  Nightmare Before Christmas - Dark Side CollectionJack Skellington and ZeroGeneral Release8.959.0011.00
09/21/07DL  Nightmare Before Christmas - Dark Side CollectionJack and Oogie BoogieGeneral Release8.959.0011.00
09/21/07DL  Nightmare Before Christmas - Dark Side CollectionThe Pumpkin KingGeneral Release8.959.0011.00
09/21/07DL  Nightmare Before Christmas - Dark Side CollectionJack and the Soul RobberGeneral Release8.959.0011.00
12/05/02DLR 712 Days of Christmas Collection - 2002Seven Swans a SwimmingLimited Edition8.509.0011.00
12/05/02DLR 112 Days of Christmas Collection - 2002A Partridge in a Pear TreeLimited Edition8.509.0011.00
12/05/02DLR 1012 Days of Christmas Collection - 2002Ten Lords a LeapingLimited Edition8.509.0011.00
12/05/02DLR 812 Days of Christmas Collection - 2002Eight Maids a MilkingLimited Edition8.509.0011.00
12/05/02DLR 912 Days of Christmas Collection - 2002Nine Ladies DancingLimited Edition8.509.0011.00
12/05/02DLR 512 Days of Christmas Collection - 2002Five Golden RingsLimited Edition8.509.0011.00
12/05/02DLR 212 Days of Christmas Collection - 2002Two Turtle DovesLimited Edition8.509.0011.00
12/05/02DLR 1212 Days of Christmas Collection - 2002Twelve Drummers DrummingLimited Edition8.509.0011.00
12/05/02DLR 612 Days of Christmas Collection - 2002Six Geese a LayingLimited Edition8.509.0011.00
12/05/02DLR 412 Days of Christmas Collection - 2002Four Calling BirdsLimited Edition8.509.0011.00
12/05/02DLR 1112 Days of Christmas Collection - 2002Eleven Pipers PipingLimited Edition8.509.0011.00
12/05/02DLR 312 Days of Christmas Collection - 2002Three French HensLimited Edition8.509.0011.00
12/05/04DLR 1212 Days of Christmas Collection - 2004Twelve Drummers DrummingLimited Edition8.509.0011.00
12/05/04DLR 1112 Days of Christmas Collection - 2004Eleven Pipers PipingLimited Edition8.509.0011.00
12/05/04DLR 912 Days of Christmas Collection - 2004Nine Ladies DancingLimited Edition8.509.0011.00
12/05/04DLR 312 Days of Christmas Collection - 2004Three French HensLimited Edition8.509.0011.00
12/05/04DLR 712 Days of Christmas Collection - 2004Seven Swans a SwimmingLimited Edition8.509.0011.00
12/05/04DLR 1012 Days of Christmas Collection - 2004Ten Lords a LeapingLimited Edition8.509.0011.00
12/05/04DLR 512 Days of Christmas Collection - 2004Five Golden RingsLimited Edition8.509.0011.00
12/05/04DLR 212 Days of Christmas Collection - 2004Two Turtle DovesLimited Edition8.509.0011.00
12/05/04DLR 612 Days of Christmas Collection - 2004Six Geese a LayingLimited Edition8.509.0011.00
12/05/04DLR 112 Days of Christmas Collection - 2004A Partridge in a Pear TreeLimited Edition8.509.0011.00
12/05/04DLR 412 Days of Christmas Collection - 2004Four Calling BirdsLimited Edition8.509.0011.00
12/05/04DLR 812 Days of Christmas Collection - 2004Eight Maids a MilkingLimited Edition8.509.0011.00
07/21/01TokyoStores2Nightmare Before ChristmasZeroGeneral Release500 Yen6.008.00
07/21/01TokyoStores1Nightmare Before ChristmasJackGeneral Release500 Yen6.008.00
09/11/07WDW  Characters - Nightmare Before ChristmasHeadshot - Jack SkellingtonGeneral Release6.957.009.00
6/20/05WDWDTDF Christmas 1998Downtown DisneyCast Member0.0013.0015.00
01/01/99WDW  Christmas 1999Happy Holidays 1999Limited Edition8.0026.0035.00
01/01/99WDW  Christmas 1999 2000Millennium Marketing Logo Christmas PinGeneral Release8.008.0016.00
12/09/00WDW 2Christmas 2000Two Turtle DovesLimited Edition8.5011.5015.00
12/09/00WDW 12Christmas 2000Twelve Drummers DrummingLimited Edition8.5011.5015.00
12/09/00WDW 5Christmas 2000Five Golden RingsLimited Edition8.5011.5015.00
12/09/00WDW 7Christmas 2000Seven Swans SwimmingLimited Edition8.5011.5015.00
12/09/00WDW 8Christmas 2000Eight Maids MilkingLimited Edition8.5011.5015.00
12/09/00WDW 11Christmas 2000Eleven Pipers PipingLimited Edition8.5011.5015.00
12/09/00WDW 10Christmas 2000Ten Lords LeapingLimited Edition8.5011.5015.00
12/09/00WDW 9Christmas 2000Nine Ladies DancingLimited Edition8.5011.5015.00
12/01/00WDW  Christmas 2000Steamboat WillieLimited Edition10.5010.0018.50
12/9/00WDW SetChristmas 2000Twelve Days of Christmas SetLimited Edition102.00120.00180.00
12/09/00WDW 4Christmas 2000Four Calling BirdsLimited Edition8.5011.5015.00
12/09/00WDW 3Christmas 2000Three French HensLimited Edition8.5011.5015.00

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You will be able to enter your own pins and manage a portfolio. Now you will know what your collection of pins is really worth. Scary, Huh?
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