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Picture1Release DateParkSub-ParkNumber In SeriesSeries NamePin NameTypeOriginal CostLow ValueHigh Value
 01/01/99  6Christmas 1999Hometown Holidays GoofyLimited Edition 20.0027.00
 Cruises  Disney Cruise LinesSailor GoofyGeneral Release 9.0011.00
01/01/01Cruises  Disney Cruise LinesGoofy Knot A ClueGeneral Release 7.009.00
05/26/07Cruises 5Mediterranean Cruise 2007CivitavecchiaGeneral Release8.959.0010.00
05/26/07Cruises 1Mediterranean Cruise 2007BarcelonaGeneral Release8.959.0010.00
05/26/07Cruises 9Mediterranean Cruise 2007Jumbo PinGeneral Release25.0025.0030.00
 Disney Channel  Disney Channel PromoGoofyLimited Edition 8.0015.00
04/15/01DLDCA3Artist ChoiceHollywood Pictures BacklotLimited Edition12.5025.0030.00
01/01/00DL  AttractionHaunted Mansion Mickey and GoofyGeneral Release 9.0013.00
01/01/01DL  AttractionMatterhorn Mickey Goofy DonaldGeneral Release 9.0014.00
01/01/00DL  AttractionToon Town Bounce HouseGeneral Release 10.0015.00
01/01/00DL  AttractionToon Town Goofy's HouseGeneral Release 10.0015.00
01/01/01DLDCA AttractionCalifornia Screamin'General Release 10.0012.00
01/01/00DL  AttractionGoofy Gas DecalGeneral Release 8.0012.00
01/01/00DL  AttractionToon Town GoofyGeneral Release 6.009.00
01/01/01DL  Autopia 2001Autopia SetLimited Edition 65.0070.00
03/01/01DL  Autopia 2001Autopia Fab FiveLimited Edition 9.0010.00
01/01/01DL 4Autopia 2001GoofyGeneral Release 9.0010.00
01/01/00DL  CharacterGoofy Shrugging ShouldersGeneral Release 7.009.00
 DL  CharacterMickey Tourist with Goofy EarsGeneral Release 7.0010.00
 DL  CharacterConstruction GoofyGeneral Release 7.0010.00
 DL  CharacterGoofy With DrumGeneral Release 8.0011.00
 DL  CharacterGoofy BaldGeneral Release 10.0016.00
 DL  CharacterGoofy With HairGeneral Release 7.009.00
 DL  CharacterGoofy Gas StationGeneral Release 8.0013.00
 DL  CharacterPhotographer GoofyGeneral Release 7.0010.00
12/01/00DL  Christmas 2000Happy Hanukkah Limited Edition 12.5014.00
12/01/00DL  Christmas 2000Goofy Chiristmas WreathGeneral Release 10.5012.00
12/01/00DL  Christmas 2000Merriest Place on EarthLimited Edition 15.0017.50
01/01/01DLDCA DCAGoofyGeneral Release6.0010.0012.00
09/04/01DL 8Disneyana Convention 2001 Artist ChoiceFamily PortraitLimited Edition 14.0016.00
09/04/01DL 10Disneyana Convention 2001 Artist ChoiceCalifornia or BustLimited Edition 14.0016.00
06/29/00DL 4Driver LicenseGoofy Driver LicenseLimited Edition 12.5016.00
04/01/01DL 1Easter 2001Disneyland 2001Limited Edition8.5012.0015.00
02/01/01DL  GoofyFireman GoofyLimited Edition 15.0016.00
01/01/00DL 3Halloween 2000Goofy as MickeyLimited Edition 20.5022.00
08/06/06DL  Halloween 2006Goofy - Halloween ChernabogGeneral Release8.958.9512.00
 DL 2Hear See Speak No Evil SetGoofyGeneral Release 8.009.00
 DL SetHear See Speak No Evil SetHear See Speak No Evil SetGeneral Release 12.0018.00
06/01/01DLDCA Holiday 2001Fathers DayLimited Edition 10.0013.50
01/01/01DLDCA KawanzaFab 3Limited Edition8.509.0010.00
04/01/01DL  Land Series 2001Land Series 2001 SetLimited Edition51.0045.0055.00
01/01/01DL  Limited EditionSuperStar LimoLimited Edition12.0014.0018.00
01/01/01DL  LogoLogo Fab 5General Release10.0012.0014.00
03/09/03DL  Lunch BoxesAmerica On ParadeLimited Edition8.508.5010.50
09/21/07DL  Mickey and FriendsBeads and MirrorGeneral Release8.959.0011.00
08/24/07DL 8Mini Pin Boxed SetCute CharactersGeneral Release29.9530.0035.00
01/01/88DL 8Olympic PinsCyclingGeneral Release 7.0010.00
01/01/88DL 9Olympic PinsDiscusGeneral Release 7.0010.00
01/01/00DL  Sign Logo PinsGoofy 2000General Release 6.008.00
01/01/01DL  Sign Logo Pins 2001GoofyGeneral Release 6.008.00
 08/16/01DL 4Summer 2001 Surfing Goofy Limited Edition 12.0013.00
 DL  Summer Fun SeriesGoofyGeneral Release 6.009.00
 DL  Tea Cup SeriesGoofyGeneral Release 6.009.00
01/01/00DL  Tomorrowland Space SuitGoofyGeneral Release 4.007.00
01/01/01DL  Valentine 2001GoofyLimited Edition6.008.0010.00
12/05/02DLR 312 Days of Christmas Collection - 2002Three French HensLimited Edition8.509.0011.00
12/05/04DLR 1012 Days of Christmas Collection - 2004Ten Lords a LeapingLimited Edition8.509.0011.00
10/1/1999DS 99Millennium PinsGoofy 1932Limited Edition4.004.008.00
 Euro  General ReleaseGoofyGeneral Release 6.009.00
 Euro  Home VideoGoofyGeneral Release 6.009.00
 Euro 5KodakGoofyLimited Edition 6.009.00
 Participants  Germany Pro Pin GoofyGeneral Release 3.005.00
 Participants  Germany Pro Pin GoofyGeneral Release 3.005.00
 Participants  StampsGoofy Turks & Caicos Is.Operating Participant 9.0010.50
03/05/01TokyoMickey and Pals 100 Years of MagicPin StationLimited Edition 24.0026.00
08/01/01TokyoDisney Stores41st Anniversary 2001GoofyLimited Edition 9.0013.00
03/01/01Tokyo 3Calendar 2001MarchLimited Edition 10.5012.00
01/01/01TokyoStoresSetCharactersSetGeneral Release 4.006.00
01/01/01TokyoStores6CharactersGoofyGeneral Release 4.006.00
12/27/00Tokyo 3Countdown to 2001GoofyLimited Edition 20.0030.00
05/01/01Tokyo  General Release 2001FriendsCharacter 12.0013.50
01/01/01TokyoDisney Stores4Theme ParksGoofyLimited Edition 24.0026.00
/tdl15thpinset96.jpg01/01/98Tokyo  Tokyo 15th Anniversary15th AnniversaryLimited Edition 120.00140.00
01/01/95WDW  25th Anniversary 25th Anniversary Pin SetLimited Edition 150.00160.00
01/01/01WDW  30th AnniversaryMickey and GoofyGeneral Release 12.0013.00
09/23/00WDWEPCOT8Artist ChoiceGoofyLimited Edition 20.0035.00
01/01/00WDWDAE Artist ChoiceGoofyPrototype 150.00150.00
07/23/07WDW 2Attractions - 2007 - 20,000 Leagues Under the SeaGoofyLimited Edition10.9511.0013.00
07/23/07WDW  Attractions - 2007 - 20,000 Leagues Under the SeaCollector SetLimited Edition76.0080.0090.00
07/23/07WDW  Attractions - 2007 - 20,000 Leagues Under the SeaFramed SetLimited Edition195.00195.00225.00
08/09/01WDW 7AwardTooth BrushingGeneral Release6.506.508.50
08/01/01WDWCompany D3BalloonGoofy BalloonCast Member6.256.258.00
01/01/01WDWCompany DSetBalloonMickey Donald GoofyLimited Edition19.5019.5027.00
09/01/00WDW 2Canine SeriesMaxLimited Edition 9.5011.00
08/28/07WDW 12Card CollectionMickey Through The Years - Card Collection. General Release12.0014.0016.00
08/28/07WDW 2Card CollectionMickey & Goofy 1947General Release 6.008.00
07/01/01WDW  Cast MemberWe MeLimited Edition6.258.0010.00
01/01/98WDW  Cast MemberSafariCast Member 15.0018.00
01/01/99WDW  Christmas 1999 2000Millennium Marketing Logo Christmas PinGeneral Release8.008.0016.00
 WDWMGM Disney MGM StudiosWalt Disney StudiosGeneral Release 8.0012.00
09/11/07WDWDAK Disney's Animal Kingdom®Disney's Animal Kingdom Park - LogoGeneral Release8.959.0011.00
 WDW Mickey Castle ShiloutteGeneral ReleaseGoofyGeneral Release 6.508.00
08/02/02WDW 4GeometricsGoofyCast Lanyard Series
02/03/01WDW 6Hat Series 2000Goofy HatLimited Edition 14.0016.00
09/07/07WDW 2Hidden Mickey - 2007 - Characters Car CollectionGoofy DrivingCast Member00.006.008.00
08/09/01WDW  International PinsGoofyGeneral Release6.506.508.50
08/09/01WDW  International PinsParis StudiosGeneral Release6.506.508.50
01/01/00WDW  Logo 2000Fab 3 LogoGeneral Release6.508.009.00
01/00/00WDW 1Magic Kingdom Castle DangleBlue CastleLimited Edition 18.0026.00

Coming soon to
You will be able to enter your own pins and manage a portfolio. Now you will know what your collection of pins is really worth. Scary, Huh?
Create a Pin Portfolio. Create "hunting" Checklists.Manage Now!!

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