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Date Entered=09/00/07
Picture1Release DateParkSub-ParkNumber In SeriesSeries NamePin NameTypeOriginal CostLow ValueHigh Value
09/07/07WDWEPCOT35Where Dreams HapPin - Attractions - 2007Roger Rabbit's Test TrackLimited Edition12.9513.0015.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT41Where Dreams HapPin - Attractions - 2007Tinker Bell CastleLimited Edition10.9511.0013.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT36Where Dreams HapPin - Attractions - 2007Ducks on SafariLimited Edition15.9516.0018.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT38Where Dreams HapPin - Attractions - 2007Droid MountainLimited Edition10.9511.0013.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT32Where Dreams HapPin - Attractions - 2007Stitch's Rock n' Roller CoasterLimited Edition10.9511.0013.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT39Where Dreams HapPin - Attractions - 2007Goofy's MansionLimited Edition10.9511.0013.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT43Where Dreams HapPin - Attractions - 2007Dream AttractionsLimited Edition225.00225.00400.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT37Where Dreams HapPin - Attractions - 2007Expedition Chip and DaleLimited Edition10.9511.0013.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT34Where Dreams HapPin - Attractions - 2007Tow Mater SpeedwayLimited Edition12.9513.0015.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT40Where Dreams HapPin - Attractions - 2007Tower of Hitchhinking GhostsLimited Edition10.9511.0013.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT33Where Dreams HapPin - Attractions - 2007Mission: Buzz LightyearLimited Edition15.9516.0018.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT31Where Dreams HapPin - Attractions - 2007Hook of the CaribbeanLimited Edition12.9513.0015.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT30Where Dreams HapPin - Attractions - 2012Timon and Pumbaa's SafariLimited Edition15.9516.0018.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT51Where Dreams HapPin - Boxed Set - 2007Dream To... Make BelieveLimited Edition60.0060.0075.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT50Where Dreams HapPin - Boxed Set - 2007Villains ToonTown FairLimited Edition35.0035.0045.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT53Where Dreams HapPin - Boxed Set - 2007Mickey and Figment Sculpture - 3 Pin SetLimited Edition95.0095.00135.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT52Where Dreams HapPin - Boxed Set - 2007Mickey Mouse in the Magic Kingdom® ParkLimited Edition70.0070.0085.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT6Where Dreams HapPin - Dream Roles - 2007Kermit the Mouse and FriendsLimited Edition12.9513.0015.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT2Where Dreams HapPin - Dream Roles - 2007King UrsulaLimited Edition12.9513.0015.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT12Where Dreams HapPin - Dream Roles - 2007Figment PanLimited Edition10.9511.0013.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT7Where Dreams HapPin - Dream Roles - 2007The Little MouseLimited Edition10.9511.0013.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT3Where Dreams HapPin - Dream Roles - 2007Nephews as Lock, Schock and BarrelLimited Edition12.9513.0015.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT11Where Dreams HapPin - Dream Roles - 2007Chip and Dale in Indiana Jones (TM)Limited Edition10.9511.0013.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT10Where Dreams HapPin - Dream Roles - 2007Lilo and the StitchLimited Edition10.9511.0013.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT15Where Dreams HapPin - Dream Roles - 2007Dream RolesLimited Edition225.00225.00400.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT5Where Dreams HapPin - Dream Roles - 2007Briar DaisyLimited Edition15.9516.0018.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT4Where Dreams HapPin - Dream Roles - 2007Goofy of the JungleLimited Edition12.9513.0015.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT14Where Dreams HapPin - Dream Roles - 2007The IncrediblesLimited Edition25.0025.0040.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT9Where Dreams HapPin - Dream Roles - 2007Sorcerer DonaldLimited Edition10.9511.0013.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT8Where Dreams HapPin - Dream Roles - 2007Genie as CleopatraLimited Edition15.9516.0018.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT13Where Dreams HapPin - Dream Roles - 2007Ned MouseLimited Edition10.9511.0013.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT20Where Dreams HapPin - Dreams Come True - 2007Cinderella Gets PamperedLimited Edition12.9513.0015.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT21Where Dreams HapPin - Dreams Come True - 2007Fairest One of AllLimited Edition12.9513.0015.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT26Where Dreams HapPin - Dreams Come True - 2007Life of LuxuryLimited Edition10.9511.0013.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT27Where Dreams HapPin - Dreams Come True - 2007Minnie's DreamLimited Edition10.9511.0013.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT29Where Dreams HapPin - Dreams Come True - 2007Dreams Come TrueLimited Edition225.00225.00400.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT19Where Dreams HapPin - Dreams Come True - 2007Gaston Marries BelleLimited Edition15.9516.0018.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT25Where Dreams HapPin - Dreams Come True - 2007Captured HookLimited Edition10.9511.0013.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT28Where Dreams HapPin - Dreams Come True - 2007Jumbaa in PrisonLimited Edition25.0025.0040.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT18Where Dreams HapPin - Dreams Come True - 2007Eeyore BouncesLimited Edition10.9511.0013.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT24Where Dreams HapPin - Dreams Come True - 2007The Amazing GoofyLimited Edition10.9511.0013.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT16Where Dreams HapPin - Dreams Come True - 2007Bullseye's RoundupLimited Edition15.9516.0018.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT23Where Dreams HapPin - Dreams Come True - 2007Pluto DrivesLimited Edition10.9511.0013.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT17Where Dreams HapPin - Dreams Come True - 2007Boo Gets a LaughLimited Edition12.9513.0015.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT22Where Dreams HapPin - Dreams Come True - 2007Degree for DoryLimited Edition15.9516.0018.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT45Where Dreams HapPin - Framed Sets - 2007Tinker Bell's DreamsLimited Edition125.00125.00200.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT48Where Dreams HapPin - Framed Sets - 2007Super Frame SetLimited Edition750.00750.001000.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT47Where Dreams HapPin - Framed Sets - 2007Walt Disney MosaicLimited Edition275.00275.00400.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT46Where Dreams HapPin - Framed Sets - 2007Figment WorldLimited Edition175.00175.00250.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT42Where Dreams HapPin - Jumbo Pins - 2007RexLimited Edition25.0025.0040.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT44Where Dreams HapPin - Jumbo Pins - 2007Pin Traders DreamLimited Edition95.0095.00135.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT5Where Dreams HapPin - Mystery Tin - 2007Mickey MouseLimited Edition0.004.006.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT10Where Dreams HapPin - Mystery Tin - 2007Chip Limited Edition0.008.0010.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT9Where Dreams HapPin - Mystery Tin - 2007Daisy DuckLimited Edition0.0010.0012.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT6Where Dreams HapPin - Mystery Tin - 2007Goofy Limited Edition0.0012.0014.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT4Where Dreams HapPin - Mystery Tin - 2007Minnie MouseLimited Edition0.004.006.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT1Where Dreams HapPin - Mystery Tin - 2007Tinker BellLimited Edition0.003.005.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT8Where Dreams HapPin - Mystery Tin - 2007DaleLimited Edition0.008.0010.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT2Where Dreams HapPin - Mystery Tin - 2007Stitch Limited Edition0.003.005.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT3Where Dreams HapPin - Mystery Tin - 2007PlutoLimited Edition0.006.008.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT7Where Dreams HapPin - Mystery Tin - 2007Donald DuckLimited Edition0.0010.0012.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT3Where Dreams HapPin - Promotion - 2007Goofy and FigmentLimited Edition3.0015.0030.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT2Where Dreams HapPin - Promotion - 2007Minnie and FigmentLimited Edition3.0015.0025.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT6Where Dreams HapPin - Promotion - 2007Stitch and FigmentLimited Edition3.0015.0035.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT1Where Dreams HapPin - Promotion - 2007Mickey and FigmentLimited Edition3.004.0025.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT4Where Dreams HapPin - Promotion - 2007Chip 'n Dale and FigmentLimited Edition3.0015.0030.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT5Where Dreams HapPin - Promotion - 2007Donald and FigmentLimited Edition3.0015.0035.00
09/07/07WDWEPCOT49Where Dreams HapPin - Tin Sets - 2007Mystery TinLimited Edition22.0025.0040.00
03/16/02WDWMGM Walt With - Disney-MGM Studios Pin EventWalt With Mickey DirectorLimited Edition00.0012.0015.00
09/11/07WDWMK Attractions - Great EscapeStitch's Great Escape - LogoGeneral Release8.959.0011.00
09/11/07WDWMK Grand Opening - 2007Bibbidi Bobbidi BoutiqueLimited Edition10.9511.0013.00
02/23/02WDWMK1Walt With - Princess BallWalt With Tinker BellLimited Edition00.0015.0025.00
12/04/03WDWResorts Pop Century ResortGrand OpeningCast Member6.5011.0015.00
09/11/07WDWResorts Resorts - PolynesianDisney's Spirit of Aloha Dinner ShowGeneral Release8.959.0011.00
06/29/02WDWResorts Walt With - Mickey's Contemporary Resort Pin EventWalt With Mickey as Uncle SamLimited Edition00.0012.0015.00
09/07/07DLSoda Fountain & Studio Stores 40th Anniversaries - 2007 - The Jungle BookEl Capitan MarqueeLimited Edition13.9514.0016.00
09/07/07DLSoda Fountain & Studio Stores The Jungle Book The Jungle Book - 3DLimited Edition12.9513.0015.00
06/01/02WDWWide World Sports8Walt With - Disney's Wide World of Sports Complex Pin EventWalt With Mickey Tennis PlayerLimited Edition00.0012.0015.00

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You will be able to enter your own pins and manage a portfolio. Now you will know what your collection of pins is really worth. Scary, Huh?
Create a Pin Portfolio. Create "hunting" Checklists.Manage Now!!

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