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Date Entered=09/00/07
Picture1Release DateParkSub-ParkNumber In SeriesSeries NamePin NameTypeOriginal CostLow ValueHigh Value
09/07/07WDW 4Hidden Mickey - 2007 Character Car CollectionStitch DrivingCast Member00.006.008.00
09/07/07WDW 2Hidden Mickey - 2007 - Character Feet CollectionMinnie's FeetCast Member00.006.008.00
09/07/07WDW 2Hidden Mickey - 2007 - Characters Car CollectionGoofy DrivingCast Member00.006.008.00
09/07/07WDW 4Hidden Mickey - 2007 - Disney Bear CollectionDisney Bear WavingCast Member00.006.008.00
09/07/07WDW 4Hidden Mickey - 2007 - Disney Character CollectionExperiment 625 - ReubenCast Member00.006.008.00
09/07/07WDW 5Hidden Mickey - 2007 - Disney Villians CollectionCruella DeVil GlobeCast Member00.006.008.00
09/07/07WDW 1Hidden Mickey - 2007 - Figment CollectionHappy FigmentCast Member00.006.008.00
09/07/07WDW 4Hidden Mickey - 2007 - Fruit CollectionPineappleCast Member00.006.008.00
09/07/07WDW 1Hidden Mickey - 2007 - Haunted Mansion CollectionGhost BrideCast Member00.006.008.00
09/07/07WDW 1Hidden Mickey - 2007 - Monorail CollectionPink MonorailCast Member00.006.008.00
09/07/07WDW 3Hidden Mickey - 2007 - Rubber Duck CollectionSpace Mountain® Donald DuckCast Member00.006.008.00
12/04/03WDWResorts Pop Century ResortGrand OpeningCast Member6.5011.0015.00
09/02/07DL  Accessory - Booster CollectionTinker BellGeneral Release19.9520.0022.00
09/07/07DL  Accessory - Lanyard MedalsGhost MickeyGeneral Release9.9510.0012.00
09/02/07DL  Accessory - Starter SetTinker BellGeneral Release26.9527.0029.00
09/11/07WDW  Accessory - Starter SetsTinker Bell - Starter SetGeneral Release22.9523.0025.00
09/11/07WDWMK Attractions - Great EscapeStitch's Great Escape - LogoGeneral Release8.959.0011.00
09/11/07WDW  Characters - Mickey MouseMickey Mouse - DetectiveGeneral Release6.957.009.00
09/11/07WDW  Characters - Nightmare Before ChristmasHeadshot - Jack SkellingtonGeneral Release6.957.009.00
09/11/07WDW  Characters - The MuppetsEar HatGeneral Release6.957.009.00
09/11/07WDW  Characters - Tinker BellI'm Not Perfect But I'm CloseGeneral Release8.959.0011.00
09/11/07WDWDAK Disney's Animal Kingdom®Disney's Animal Kingdom Park - LogoGeneral Release8.959.0011.00
09/04/07WDW  Halloween - 2007Pumpkin HeadGeneral Release6.957.009.00
09/04/07WDW  Halloween - 2007Vampire BatGeneral Release6.957.009.00
09/02/07DL  Halloween - Nightmare Before ChristmasJack Skellington - HeadshotGeneral Release6.957.009.00
09/02/07DL  Halloween - Nightmare Before ChristmasJeweled - Jack SkellingtonGeneral Release10.9511.0013.00
08/31/07DL  Happy HalloweenMickey and His NephewsGeneral Release10.9511.0013.00
08/31/07DL  Happy HalloweenPirates of the CaribbeanGeneral Release10.9511.0013.00
08/31/07DL  Happy HalloweenDonald and DaisyGeneral Release10.9511.0013.00
08/31/07DL  Happy HalloweenJessica and Roger RabbitGeneral Release10.9511.0013.00
09/06/07WDW 9Mickey's Mystery Pin Machine Puzzle CollectionPirate MickeyGeneral Release5.005.007.00
09/06/07WDW 11Mickey's Mystery Pin Machine Puzzle CollectionDisney-Pixar Nemo and SquirtGeneral Release5.005.007.00
09/06/07WDW 14Mickey's Mystery Pin Machine Puzzle CollectionDisney-Pixar Lightning McQueenGeneral Release5.005.007.00
09/06/07WDW 5Mickey's Mystery Pin Machine Puzzle CollectionPuzzle DonaldGeneral Release5.005.007.00
09/06/07WDW 12Mickey's Mystery Pin Machine Puzzle CollectionDisney-Pixar Mr. IncredibleGeneral Release5.005.007.00
09/06/07WDW 15Mickey's Mystery Pin Machine Puzzle CollectionDisney-Pixar Buzz LightyearGeneral Release5.005.007.00
09/06/07WDW 2Mickey's Mystery Pin Machine Puzzle CollectionPuzzle MinnieGeneral Release5.005.007.00
09/06/07WDW 6Mickey's Mystery Pin Machine Puzzle CollectionPirates Chip 'n DaleGeneral Release5.005.007.00
09/06/07WDW 3Mickey's Mystery Pin Machine Puzzle CollectionPuzzle MickeyGeneral Release5.005.007.00
09/06/07WDW 7Mickey's Mystery Pin Machine Puzzle CollectionPirate Tinker BellGeneral Release5.005.007.00
09/06/07WDW 1Mickey's Mystery Pin Machine Puzzle CollectionPuzzle PlutoGeneral Release5.005.007.00
09/06/07WDW 10Mickey's Mystery Pin Machine Puzzle CollectionPirate GoofyGeneral Release5.005.007.00
09/06/07WDW 4Mickey's Mystery Pin Machine Puzzle CollectionPuzzle GoofyGeneral Release5.005.007.00
09/06/07WDW 8Mickey's Mystery Pin Machine Puzzle CollectionPirate StitchGeneral Release5.005.007.00
09/06/07WDW 13Mickey's Mystery Pin Machine Puzzle CollectionDisney-Pixar Mike Wazowski and SulleyGeneral Release5.005.007.00
09/04/07WDW  NCAA FootballFlorida State University - SeminolesGeneral Release6.957.009.00
09/04/07WDW  NCAA FootballPenn State - LionsGeneral Release6.957.009.00
09/04/07WDW  NCAA FootballUniversity of Southern California - TrojansGeneral Release6.957.009.00
09/04/07WDW  NCAA FootballUniversity of Florida - GatorsGeneral Release6.957.009.00
09/04/07WDW  NCAA FootballOhio State University - BuckeyesGeneral Release6.957.009.00
09/02/07DL  Nightmare Before ChristmasJeweled - ZeroGeneral Release10.9511.0013.00
09/11/07WDWResorts Resorts - PolynesianDisney's Spirit of Aloha Dinner ShowGeneral Release8.959.0011.00
09/11/07WDW  Tickets - The Magic KingdomE-Ticket BookGeneral Release8.959.0011.00
09/02/07DL 3Where Evil Spells Are Always BrokenJafarGeneral Release00.007.009.00
12/05/02DLR 512 Days of Christmas Collection - 2002Five Golden RingsLimited Edition8.509.0011.00
12/05/02DLR 1112 Days of Christmas Collection - 2002Eleven Pipers PipingLimited Edition8.509.0011.00
12/05/02DLR 112 Days of Christmas Collection - 2002A Partridge in a Pear TreeLimited Edition8.509.0011.00
12/05/02DLR 412 Days of Christmas Collection - 2002Four Calling BirdsLimited Edition8.509.0011.00
12/05/02DLR 812 Days of Christmas Collection - 2002Eight Maids a MilkingLimited Edition8.509.0011.00
12/05/02DLR 712 Days of Christmas Collection - 2002Seven Swans a SwimmingLimited Edition8.509.0011.00
12/05/02DLR 912 Days of Christmas Collection - 2002Nine Ladies DancingLimited Edition8.509.0011.00
12/05/04DLR 1112 Days of Christmas Collection - 2004Eleven Pipers PipingLimited Edition8.509.0011.00
12/05/04DLR 812 Days of Christmas Collection - 2004Eight Maids a MilkingLimited Edition8.509.0011.00
12/05/04DLR 412 Days of Christmas Collection - 2004Four Calling BirdsLimited Edition8.509.0011.00
12/05/04DLR 112 Days of Christmas Collection - 2004A Partridge in a Pear TreeLimited Edition8.509.0011.00
12/05/04DLR 512 Days of Christmas Collection - 2004Five Golden RingsLimited Edition8.509.0011.00
09/07/07DL  40th Anniversaries - 2007The Jungle Book - 40th AnniversaryLimited Edition10.9511.0013.00
09/07/07DLSoda Fountain & Studio Stores 40th Anniversaries - 2007 - The Jungle BookEl Capitan MarqueeLimited Edition13.9514.0016.00
07/30/07WDW  75th AnniversaryFlowers and TreesLimited Edition8.959.0011.00
09/09/07DL  Anniversaries - 2007Huey Dewey and Louie - 70th AnniversaryLimited Edition12.9513.0015.00
07/23/07WDW 2Attractions - 2007 - 20,000 Leagues Under the SeaGoofyLimited Edition10.9511.0013.00
07/23/07WDW 4Attractions - 2007 - 20,000 Leagues Under the SeaMinnie MouseLimited Edition10.9511.0013.00
07/23/07WDW  Attractions - 2007 - 20,000 Leagues Under the SeaCollector SetLimited Edition76.0080.0090.00
07/23/07WDW 6Attractions - 2007 - 20,000 Leagues Under the SeaPlutoLimited Edition10.9511.0013.00
07/23/07WDW 7Attractions - 2007 - 20,000 Leagues Under the SeaSquidLimited Edition0.0015.0018.00
07/23/07WDW  Attractions - 2007 - 20,000 Leagues Under the SeaFramed SetLimited Edition195.00195.00225.00
07/23/07WDW 1Attractions - 2007 - 20,000 Leagues Under the SeaDonald DuckLimited Edition10.9511.0013.00
07/23/07WDW 8Attractions - 2007 - 20,000 Leagues Under the SeaStitchLimited Edition10.9511.0013.00
07/23/07WDW 3Attractions - 2007 - 20,000 Leagues Under the SeaMickey MouseLimited Edition10.9511.0013.00
07/23/07WDW 5Attractions - 2007 - 20,000 Leagues Under the SeaNautilusLimited Edition0.0015.0018.00
09/09/07DL  Day of the Dead - Halloween - Dia de los Muertos - 2007Mickey MouseLimited Edition10.9511.0013.00
09/03/07WDW 9Disney 3d20,000 Leagues Under The SeaLimited Edition17.0017.0019.00
09/02/07DL 9Disneyland® Resort Holidaze Calendar Collection September - Mickey and MinnieLimited Edition10.9511.0013.00
09/09/07DL  Featured Artist - 2007Artistic MickeyLimited Edition25.0025.0030.00
 DLDisney Stores Gift With PurchaseLion KingLimited Edition00.007.009.00
 DLDisney Stores Gift With PurchaseScarLimited Edition00.007.009.00
 DLDisney Stores Gift With PurchasePumba, Timon and Baby SimbaLimited Edition00.007.009.00
 DLDisney Stores Gift With PurchaseBaby SimbaLimited Edition00.007.009.00
 WDWDisney Stores Gift With PurchaseThe Lion King and NalaLimited Edition00.007.009.00
09/11/07WDWMK Grand Opening - 2007Bibbidi Bobbidi BoutiqueLimited Edition10.9511.0013.00
08/30/07WDW  Grandparents DayChip 'n DaleLimited Edition8.959.0011.00
09/01/07DL  Half MarathonI Finished!Limited Edition12.9513.0015.00
09/01/07DL  Half MarathonHalf-Marathon LogoLimited Edition10.9511.0013.00
09/06/07WDW  Halloween - 2007 - Villains CollectionUrsulaLimited Edition8.959.0011.00
09/06/07WDW  Halloween - 2007 - Villains CollectionChernabogLimited Edition10.9511.0013.00
09/06/07WDW  Halloween - 2007 - Villains CollectionMaleficentLimited Edition10.9511.0013.00
09/06/07WDW  Halloween - 2007 - Villains CollectionDavy JonesLimited Edition8.959.0011.00
09/07/07WDW 2Hidden Mickey - 2007 - Disney Pin Trading Blue Pin Trading LogoLimited Edition00.006.008.00
09/02/07DL 9M Magazine CollectionSeptember - Seven DwarfsLimited Edition8.959.0011.00
09/09/07DL  National Boss Day - 2007Mickey and MinnieLimited Edition8.959.0011.00

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You will be able to enter your own pins and manage a portfolio. Now you will know what your collection of pins is really worth. Scary, Huh?
Create a Pin Portfolio. Create "hunting" Checklists.Manage Now!!

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