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Mahrnee's Place web site is intended soley as a medium for Cataloging, Viewing Pictures, Enjoyment by all collectors, and for the general promotion of Disney Pin Trading and Collecting as a hobby, by everyone in all the Worlds of Earth.

Please join us as we enjoy 'The Happiest Place in the World'

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A word about the Pin Values in our Pin Value Guide. It would be impossible to give you secondary market prices that are absolute Pin Price Values. As close as we can come is: your pins are only worth what someone else is willing to pay you or trade you for. Values are averaged after the review of auctions, speaking with dealers and traders, and many, many hours of our own personal experience. The values may vary greatly depending on supply and demand. When you are using our Pin Value Guide and you select a specific item, you will receive the most current up-to-date information available to Mahrnee's Place. Please feel free to e-mail us,Let's Talk if you disagree, or have additional information of any of the pins listed.

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