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Counting Down to Pin Trading at Disneyland Paris!!!
October 6, 2001

With Pin Trading the current number one collecting craze is coming from the US-parks to Disneyland Paris starting on the 6th of October (only a few months after DLP introduced their first limited beanies), with a special preview planned for guests attending the Fantasia Passport Event on the 22nd of September.

But with a little bit of luck you can already see some castmembers wearing badges and/or lanyards with pins - unfortunately these are only managers demonstrating the system to fellow castmembers so no trading right now!

As in the US-parks several "Pin Centrals" DLPPinStationCentral1.jpg (8750 bytes) (seen here one from Walt Disney World) will be set up as a meeting and trading point which also offer the latest limited and non-limited pins on sale. The one for the Disneyland Park is said to be located near the Victoria's Home Style Restaurant on Main Street, U.S.A. DLPMainStreet1.jpg (8306 bytes) while the one for the DLPStudios1.jpg (8343 bytes) Walt Disney Studios most propably goes into the Lights Camera Hollywood Soundstage (aka Hollywood Boulevard). DLPVillage1.jpg (9602 bytes) A third one is rumored to be set up inside the Hollywood Pictures shop in the Disney Village.

How much more of this pressure can we take??? Only a few more days until the 'REALLY BIG' event at Epcot. See you all in the lines, and always remember that; "Every Day is a Happy Disney Pin Day!!"