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Mahrnee's Place Guru: That would be Mahrnee Scheer. Mahrnee is the one that knows all about Disney and the Pins. She keeps us current on the general PINfo, can name Disney characters for 2 hours straight, has her own personal video of every Disney movie ever made, has been to EuroDisney (Disneyland Paris), Disneyland and most recently to the grand opening of Hong Kong Disneyland (we wonder why she hasn't been to Tokyo). Mahrnee has been to every Disney Store from Orlando to Niagra Falls, and she has been to every Disney Store in the UK, France, and Germany. She has been collecting Disneyana since 1971, and still has that first pin.
Any questions or comments about Disneyana or Disney Pins (she's big on the Beanie Babies, too) just drop Mahrnee an e-mail at:

Mahrnee's Place Press Agent: That would be Janice Krueger, also known as Mahrnee's Mom. Jan is the one that monitors and promotes the sales of pins on auctions and in our Minie Market. She also gathers pricing information and photos for our Pin Value Guide. Jan does whatever else we need her to do to keep Mahrnee's Place the best Disneyana site on the WWW and to keep it a free site for all Disney lovers to enjoy.

Any questions or comments about your orders, the Pin Value Guide, or you would like to assist us with pictures and pin values, drop Janice an e-mail at:

Mahrnee's Place Webmaster: That would be James Waller. Jim is our back-up Disney Guru. He can tell you all about the music of Disney; but he can only name Disney characters for one hour straight. Ask him a question about EuroDisney, we doubt very much you could ask a question he can't answer. He can send you a response in French, German, or Spanish. In addition to back-up Disney Guru, Jim is our Computer Guru. He keeps the computers running and Mahrnee's Place website working.

Any questions or comments about our website; like broken links, please drop Jim an e-mail at:

Mahrnee's Place Address:

Mahrnee J. Scheer
953 5th Street
Clermont, FL 34711-8721

A Special Thank You:

Mahrnee's Place wants to say a very special thank you to all of our friends that are contributing photos, commentary, pin value info, interviews, and general support at 4:00 a.m. Without all your help, we could never have gotten our site this far and with your continued support and that of new friends yet to be found, Mahrnee's Place will continue growing. Most importantly, we want to stay free for all Disney lovers to enjoy. Please help us out. Our questions to you will always be; "Got Any Pictures?" and "Want free advertising? Send us pictures with your name on them!!!"
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